Study in Herning

Herning has many study options, and offers an attractive study environment.

When you choose to study in Herning, you get both high quality education and a well-developed study environment with many social activities and things to do after the lectures.

Herning has many rooms and apartments for students, and compared to the larger university cities, the cost of living is cheap.

The educational institutions in Herning work closely with the companies in the area.

At you will find information about the Danish education system, and the different study options available in Denmark.


The main further and higher education institutions with international study programmes in Herning are the divisions of Aarhus University and VIA University College.

Aarhus University Herning offers engineering and business programmes, and has approx. 1800 students (full- and part time).

VIA University College in Herning focuses on Design and Business, and offers various AP, Bachelor and Exchange programmes in English. VIA University College in Herning (also known as VIA Design) has approx. 1300 students.

Herning also has a Business Academy (Erhvervsakademi MidtVest) that offers professional bachelorate and AP programs. For the time being, they only offer programmes in Danish.

Herning houses several vocational education facilities. The training here is a combination of instruction in schools and apprenticeship. The students become trained to become for example artisans or clerks, or to work within farming or healthcare. 


Herningsholm Erhvervsskole (EUD, EUX), Lillelundvej 21, 7400 Herning, Phone + 45 72 13 45 00

Agroskolen Hammerum, Hammerum Hovedgade 7, 7400 Herning, Phone +45 97 11 60 53

Social- og Sundhedsskolen, Gullestrupvej 10-12, 7400 Herning, Phone +45 96 27 29 29


Secondary education or High School education in Denmark (in Danish: ungdomsuddannelse, "youth education") usually takes two to four years and is attended by students between the ages of 15 and 20. Secondary education is not compulsory, but usually free of charge, and students have a wide range of programmes to choose from.

The programmes are academically oriented, preparing for further studies. The most common branches under are generic (almen), business and technical. 

High schools in Herning include

Herning Gymnasium (generic/STX - almen), H.P. Hansens Vej 8, 7400 Herning, phone +45 97 22 10 66,

Herningsholm Erhvervsskole - (Business/HHX and Technical/HHX), Herning Lillelundvej 21, 7400 Herning phone +45 72 13 45 00,

Herning HF og VUC (generic - almen, and supplementary classes for adults) Brorsonsvej 2 7400 Herning, phone +45 96 27 62 00,

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programmes are offered several high schools (in Danish: Gymnasiums) in the region of Mid Jutland. The closest is at Ikast Gymnasium, in the neighbour town of Ikast.

IB programmes are also offered at Struer Statsgymnasium  (offers bording school), Viborg Katedralskole (offers bording school) and at Langkær Gymnasium in Tilst, near Aarhus.

Danish classes are offered for up to three years to adult foreign nationals, who are registered in Denmark and have a valid residence permit.

In Herning the Danish classes are offered at the language center, Lær Dansk Herning.


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