Welcome to Herning

Herning is a great place to stay and to live - a city and an area with a lot to offer.

Hospitality and service is in focus here, as we welcome many visitors for fairs, conferences and international events all year round.

But we are also known for many other things, like a rich cultural life and active sports life, a dynamic business climate and good jobs, many study opportunities and great things to do for families. You can live in the city or in the country - and we have great nature all around.

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Facts about Herning

Herning is a young city - it was founded as a market city in 1913. In a little more than 100 years Herning has developed into a center for dynamic businesses, varied culture and sports facilities. And also a great place to live.It has strong influences and expanded rapidly due to the textile industry. Nowadays, these traditions are still present with some textile companies left and with the design educations based at VIA Design in Birk.

The industries and companies have broadened a lot since then. Herning has a very varied business environment with strong and innovative players within metal, production, IT services, energy, hospitality and service industries.

With more than 89.000 citizens, Herning Municipality is 14th largest municipality in Denmark measured by population. By area, Herning is the 3rd largest Municipality.

Within 1 hour from Herning you can:

  • Reach more than 500.000 jobs.
  • Be in Denmark's 2nd largest city of Århus on the east coast of Jutland.
  • Visit the beautiful and rough beaches on the west coast of Jutland.
  • Reach the nearest domestic airport Karup (25 min.), and Denmark's 2nd largest international airport Billund (45 min.).

Emergency services

Should you need emergency assistance, call 112. Should you need general police assistance, call 114.

When you dial the emergency call centre you will be asked for your name, address and the phone number from which you are calling. The call centre will then send the appropriate help immediately.

If it not is an emergency, call 114 for general police assistance.

Medical service 

Out of hours Medical Service (Lægevagten): +45 70 11 31 31
Opening hours: weekdays 16.00 - 8.00, weekends and holidays: 24 hours


City of Herning emphasizes an open dialogue with the press. If you as a journalist need facts, clarification or answers to questions, we will attempt to help you as quickly and well as possible.

Contact our Communications Department.