Active leisure

Herning boasts many facilities for indoor sports and a great natural environment for activities outside.

Herning and the nearby town of Ikast have some of the top football, handball and ice hockey clubs in Denmark. The area is known for elite sports and there will very often be a top game to watch in the area.

There is also a lot of sports and activities for the masses - in Herning you can do almost any kind of sport, and we have the most sport halls per citizen. Sport in Herning - and in Denmark - is to a large extent based on volunteers, and many of our more than 400 clubs are strongly rooted in the local society. Therefore, to really get to know the Danes, joining a club may be the way.

Herning also have many free facilities and places where you can pay a day rate. For example, swim the new 50-meter lanes at Herning Svømmehal,- or swim outside in the summer, swim or play squash at DGI-Huset. You can also climb or go skating at Terminalen.Or go canoeing or kayaking at one of the rivers or lakes.

For a run or walk there are many options. Go to for example Fuglsang Lake, where you can also use the outdoor fitness equipment. 

Other natural areas with nice tracks for running or walking, and nature playgrounds include Knudmosen, Præstkær and Løvbakkerne

Our Tourist Office Visit Herning will guide you to all the attractions and activities in the Herning area.


VisitHerning guides you to attractions, experiences and accommodation in the Herning area.

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