Danish High School Education

Secondary education or High School education in Denmark (in Danish: ungdomsuddannelse, "youth education") usually takes two to four years and is attended by students between the ages of 15 and 20. Secondary education is not compulsory, but usually free of charge, and students have a wide range of programmes to choose from.

The programmes are academically oriented, preparing for further studies. The most common branches under are generic (almen), business and technical. 

High schools in Herning include

Herning Gymnasium (generic/STX - almen), H.P. Hansens Vej 8, 7400 Herning, phone +45 97 22 10 66, www.herning-gym.dk

Herningsholm Erhvervsskole - (Business/HHX and Technical/HHX), Herning Lillelundvej 21, 7400 Herning phone +45 72 13 45 00, www.herningsholm.dk/

Herning HF og VUC (generic - almen, and supplementary classes for adults) Brorsonsvej 2 7400 Herning, phone +45 96 27 62 00, www.herninghfogvuc.dk