In all of Herning Municipality we offer daycare for your little ones.

In many families in Denmark both parents work, and the children are minded outside the home during the day.

In Herning a daycare place is guaranteed within the 13 daycare districts.

A guaranteed daycare place means that your child will get a place within the daycare district you live in, but a specific institution cannot be guaranteed.


Childminding (dagpleje) - 24 weeks to 2 years 9 months
Where 3-5 children are minded by a child minder, in the persons private home. Can be hired by the municipality or private.

Day nursery (Vuggestue) - 24 weeks to 2 years 9 months
Institutions where the children are minded in smaller groups.

Kindergarten / pre-school (Børnehave) - 2 years, 9 months to 6 years
Institutions where the children are minded in slightly bigger groups. Sometimes Vuggestue and Børnehave are integrated, and sometimes there will be a further division into age groups within the institutions.

Generally, the institutions work with learning plans and various learning themes. Some institutions may have different types of focus, like sports or music and drama.

Some of the daycare offers in Herning include meals.

See the current cost of the various daycare offers here (in Danish - the column to the right is the cost to the parents per month).

Generally, the activities in the daycare offerings in Herning Municipality are in Danish.

Bilingual children between 2 years and 9 months and 6 years are entitled to language stimulation at their daycare - if needed.

Language stimulation is handled by language advisors and childcare workers.

If your child is not minded in a daycare institution, you will be contacted in order to evaluate the need for language stimulation.

Sign-up for daycare is done via a self-service system called digital pladsanvisning  (digital allotment), which you access with your Nem ID.

In the system you can:

  • Enter your child on the waiting list.
  • Delete/change wishes on the waiting list.
  • Seek a subsidy.
  • Withdraw your child.
  • See the child's number on the waiting list.
  • Accept an offer of a place.
  • Receive an e-mail when there's news about your child.

You can sign-up before you have moved to Herning, if you have Nem ID.

Citizen Service can help with support for the digital solutions.

If you have questions about daycare in Herning you can contact "Pladsanvisningen" (Allotment service) - see contact information in the contact box.

Click here to see the cost of daycare in Herning Municipality. The cost to be paid by the parents is in the colomn to the very right under each type of daycare. You pay 25 per cent of the actual cost.


MitBarn (MyChild) is the digital communication system where you as parents can communicate with your child's institution.

You will have access to MitBarn from four weeks before the child begins in the day nursery, kindergarten or other institution.

In MitBarn you can:

  • See pictures of everyday life in the institution.
  • Provide information concerning your child, e.g. contact phone number and any allergies.
  • Report holidays and absences.
  • Register for social events.
  • Communicate with the staff.

MobilBarn - Herning is an app version of MitBarn that can be used on tablets and smartphones. It is available in Appstore for IOS and Google Play for Android.

Getting started guide

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Herning has made a policy decision not to have days closed, but there can be alternative care.

This means that care is always offered on weekdays, except for holidays. If there are only a few children signed up, it may be in an alternative institution. 

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Phone: +45 96288518
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