Expat Fair Herning

Meet new people. Explore new opportunities.

Expat Fair Herning is an annual event for internationals in Herning - and anyone else interested.
Get to know associations, activities and things to do in the Herning-area.

On this day you can

  • Meet a range of organisations and associations and find inspiration for leisure activities, networking, places to go and much more.
  • Hear inspirational talks about getting a network as an international and tips and tricks about working in Denmark.
  • Participate in a speed networking session.
  • Enjoy classical music from our local chamber music group Ensemble MidtVest.
  • Participate in a competition and win great prices.
  • Join the after-event informal networking part at Fox & Hounds.

Whether you are new to Herning or have been here for a while - join us for a fun, inspiring and cozy day.

Full programme and further details will be shared on Facebook.

List of Exhibitors (2021)

Aarhus University (BTECH)
Career Denmark
First Friend in Denmark
Ensemble MidtVest
Expat in Herning & Ikast-Brande
Herning Baseball Trolls
Herning Bibliotekerne (Library)
Herning Idrætsråd (Umbrella organisation for local sports clubs)
Herning Municipality
Herning Latin Dance
International Society Herning & Ikast-Brande
International School Ikast-Brande
Kontrast Herning
Nexus Board Games
Rotary International Herning
Visit Herning

The event is organised by Herning Municipality and Herning Libraries in collaboration with members from the associations International Society and Herning International Rotary Club.

This event is part of Welcome September - a national initiative to welcome international citizens in Denmark. 


Contact information

Mette Klarskov Hebel
Newcomer Service
Torvet 5
7400 Herning

Phone: +45 96288518
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