Residence and contacts for registration

The rules for residence and work permit vary, depending on your country of origin and whether your stay is shorter or longer than three months. See the Welcome guide from, and for details.

Relevant contacts for registrations:

Citizen Service (Borgerservice)

Citizen Service (Borgerservice) in Herning helps you to register at the national registration office (folkeregistret), get a civil registration number (CPR-nummer), choose doctor, get NemID and Digital post.

Citizen Service (Borgerservice), Torvet 5 (Entry B), 7400 Herning, +45 96282828

You need to bring your residence permit, and to show up in person.

If you move internally in Denmark you need to register the new address. This is done digitally or by contacting citizen service. Please use Notification of change of address online.

Please note! When you are leaving Danmark, it is important to notify that you are leaving your address and de-register from CPR


When you work in Denmark, you must also have a tax card. Apply for it online.

Contact: Skattecenter Herning, Brændgårdsvej 10, 7400 Herning, phone +45 7222 1818, Herning: +45 7238 4936.

Foreign workers who are not taking up residence in Denmark only have to contact the Tax Centre (Skattecenter) in Herning. The Tax Centre will obtain a civil registration number for the person concerned.

Tax (SKAT) has created a number of video tutorials in English.

Residence permits

EU and Nordic countries, contact: Statsforvaltningen, Afdeling Aarhus
Lyseng Allé 1, 8270 Højbjerg +45 72 56 70 36

Other countries: Contact Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration,  phone +45 7214 2000.

International Citizen Service in Århus

International Citizen Service in Århus can help with the same tasks as Citizen Service in Herning, as well as Tax card and residence permits in the same office.

International Citizen Service West, Åboulevarden 31, 1st floor, 8000 Århus C, phone +45 7222 3375.

Their opening hours are Thursday 1pm - 5pm and  Friday 9am - 1pm.